About Us


We are a not-for-profit company, run by a strategic board of volunteer individuals with careers spanning both public and private sectors. Our aims are to help prevent fraud in Wales by raising awareness in the public and private sector and amongst individuals.

Strategic Board

Paul Cunningham
WFF Chair

Steve Tooby
WFF Vice-Chair

Kay Hanson
WFF Director

Geoff Mescher
WFF Director

Kara Conlon
WFF Director

Paula Thomas
Honorary Member
(Founder WFF)

Graham Dainty
Manager, NHS
Counter Fraud Service

Richie O’Neill
Detective Sergeant,
Wales Regional Asset
Recovery Team

Laura Welsh

Andrew Clarke
AcML Consultancy

Shirin Rahman
Financial Crime Officer
Optimum Credit Limited

DI Nick Bellamy
Economic Crime Unit

David Hexter
Corporate Fraud Team
Cardiff Council


All aspects of fraud and other related financial crime as it affects the membership and or their respective organisations. Where an awareness of such fraud/crime, in terms of the cause, threat, method or effect, may help any members in an effort to combat such crime. Consideration will also be given to market countermeasures and the sharing of that knowledge with its membership.

Key Objectives

Within the defined scope:
  • To bring the public and private sectors together to fight fraud and financial crime and to protect the economy of Wales.
  • To promote fraud awareness amongst its membership, organisations and individuals throughout the region.
  • To create good practice cultures by encouraging and developing anti-fraud strategies for its membership to utilise.
  • To establish a best practice between its members for fraud prevention, investigation and detection.
  • To promote an open and co-operative environment between the membership in both the public and private sectors.
  • To encourage recruitment of new members throughout the country.
  • To establish sound working relationships with similar Forums in the UK and overseas and develop fraud prevention strategies for Wales, in line with the UK's national fraud prevention strategies.
  • To formulate strategic alliances by collaboration with relative consumer, law enforcement, regulatory and charitable bodies.
  • To identify fraud risks and define fraud methods to promote awareness and shared good practice to enable the membership to manage fraud effectively.
  • To organise conferences, seminars or master classes on subjects relating to its objects in the fight against fraudulent actions.
  • To identify fraud management opportunities with the emphasis on prevention and thereby promote developments and research by seeking to arrange the publication of the results on any anti-fraud strategies.
  • To provide the opportunity through feedback and surveys to assess the general effectiveness of WFF initiatives.