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The 8th Annual WFF Conference

22nd March 2019, to be held in the Principality Stadium, registration now open via Eventbrite.

Keynote Speaker – Matt Jukes, Chief Constable, South Wales Police

Speakers and topics

  • Chris Roberts - Trust, Digital, Regulation and Fraud – What’s the connection?
  • Nicholas Ryder – UWE- Terrorism financing and the fraud dossier
  • Simon Fell – CIFAS - A holistic approach to tackling fraud and Financial crime
  • Stuart Cooper – Protecting businesses against counterfeit banknote crime
  • Tom Roberts - Red Team vs Blue Team – A new security approach for better understanding
  • Alan Bryce – Charity Fraud
  • Guy Batchelor & Dr. Mils Hills – Preparing for a crises
  • Cara Pearce – Police Tarian- Authorised Push Payment Fraud

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New programme of masterclasses

We are currently putting together a new programme of masterclasses, which will be announce later in the year.