We hold several events each year, which include one Annual Conference and a handful of specialist Master Classes which promote awareness of counter fraud strategies for professionals and small businesses.

The Forum

We are a not-for-profit company, run by a strategic board of volunteer individuals with careers spanning both public and private sectors

WFF Annual Conference — Date Announced

Annual Conference confirmed for 22nd March 2019, to be held in the Principality Stadium

New programme of masterclasses

We are currently putting together a new programme of masterclasses, which will be announce later in the year.

Fraud and the Welsh Economy

The Welsh Government gives approximately two billion pounds of grant funding each year to a variety of organisations both public and private. In addition it provides around 75% of local authority budgets and £6 billion to the NHS in Wales. This is a significant amount of money that necessitates the Welsh Government has the necessary governance and controls in place to ensure that the finance reaches the areas it is intended to. In the present financial climate Wales is an attractive target for fraudsters that has a bearing on us all through the taxes we pay.

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